Pricing That Fits Your Needs & Your Budget

Get more value out of your budget with free training, implementation, support, and users.


  • Unlimited free users
  • Per user pricing
  • Discounts at 4+ and 8+ users
  • Best for researchers or accounts with smaller number of users who need to upload videos for analysis or feedback.


  • Unlimited free users
  • Per user or bulk pricing
  • Larger discounts at 30+ and 100+ users
  • Best for teacher prep, teacher coaching, and skill development accounts with larger numbers of users who need to upload videos for feedback and analysis.

Pricing Calculator

Enter only number of users who will be uploading videos. Learn More.

5% discount on two-year subscriptions.

Free users can't upload videos, but can watch, tag, and comment on videos shared with them. Learn More.


Each additional block of 20 hours is $159.

Once we receive your request for a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 50 users, we'll follow up with the "Double the Users" offer. (Please check your spam folders).


Pricing Break Points

Number of UsersAnnual Per User PriceAnnual Per User Savings
1 - 3$499$0
4 - 7$329$170
8 - 10$259$240

Do you have specific budget, need more users, or have other pricing questions? Contact Sales.

Annual Billing

We bill annually. If you purchase additional users during your current contract, we will prorate the cost of additional users based on the existing expiration date. Contact us if you have questions about billing.

Vosaic Core Features

Users you add to your Vosaic account can be in one of four user roles. You only pay for users in roles that can upload videos:

  • Administrator
  • Educator
  • Learner

Users in a Viewer role can't upload video, but they are FREE. Contact us to learn how managing users can help you save on Vosaic subscription costs.

Core FeaturesAdministratorEducatorLearnerViewer FREE
Watch marked up videosxxxx
Mark up videos after recordingxxxx
Use multiple forms to mark up videosxxxx
Add comments to marked momentsxxxx
Add tags to marked momentsxxxx
Record videosxxx
Upload pre-recorded videosxxx
Mark up videos while recordingxxx
Request automated video transcriptionxxx
Share videosxxx
Export data to a spreadsheet (CSV)xxx
Export summary report (PDF)xxx
Manage usersxx
Manage groupsxx
Manage forms (custom buttons for video analysis)xx
Manage projectsxx
Create and manage reportsxx