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Use Vosaic's video platform to record, observe, identify, and aggregate indicators that reveal insights and patterns needed for professional growth and improvement.

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When learning, practicing, or reflecting on a new skill, we trust our brains to recall events accurately and objectively. Yet research shows that when recalling events, we experience a tunnel vision focusing on big moments and discarding details that seem incidental.

Those details and specific moments are the evidence you need to help you improve.

Video allows you to capture and preserve the details and specific moments that make performance improvement possible.

Vosaic provides you with easy to use tools for recording, annotating, and marking up videos so you can more effectively address key areas for professional growth.

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Use Equipment You Already Have

With Vosaic there's no need to buy new equipment or download and install new software. Simply register using a modern browser, such as Chrome, and start recording and uploading videos. If you have a mobile device, download our app to make video recording and markup more efficient and effective.

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Flexible Feedback Forms

What makes Vosaic attractive to educators, researchers, and coaches at organizations worldwide is its flexibility. You can easily customize observation forms to fit your specific feedback, self reflection, or research needs.

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Timeline Based Feedback

One of the most powerful features of Vosaic is timelines. Located right under the video, the timeline provides you easy way to replay all important moments in their entirety. In addition, you can select specific moments and export them to create video highlight reels.

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Collaborative By Default

If you've ever tried improving upon or teaching a new skill, you know how valuable it is to get (or provide) objective feedback. Vosaic makes it easy to give feedback to your students and invite others to watch and provide comments on areas that need improvement.

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Private and Secure

As a company we understand the sensitivity of information gathered, and the importance of keeping it private and secure. To keep your data safe, we’re adhering to several best privacy and security practices:

  • Data encryption and ownership
  • Identity verification
  • Strong passwords
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Access roles and groups

More On Privacy and Security

Based on Studiocode

If you’re familiar with Studiocode, you’ll notice that Vosaic shares many features, and to a certain degree works very similarly to Studiocode. That is because Vosaic is based on Studiocode. Due to the growing numbers of our Studiocode users switching to Vosaic’s cloud-based software, we’ve stopped development and sale of Studiocode at the end of 2017. Today, as we continue development of Vosaic as a Studiocode replacement, we’re seeing more and more Studiocode users transitioning to Vosaic.

If you’re a Studiocode user, please send us your feedback on Vosaic. Your feedback will help us continue developing Vosaic in a way that is meaningful to you. If you haven’t transitioned to Vosaic yet, you can take advantage of our limited time offer to do so.

Training and Support

Our number one goal is to provide training and support that is as world class as the clients we serve. Whether it's online, on the phone, or in person, we're committed to providing training and support that will help you stay focused on your work and your goals.

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PreK-12 Schools

PreK-12 Schools

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Higher Education Institutions

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Teaching Hospitals,, Nursing Schools, Simulation Centers.

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