Sunsetting of Studiocode and iCoda

NOTE: Beginning December 31st, 2017, development of Studiocode and iCoda will stop and new licenses will not be available for purchase. Please consider Vosaic as a replacement. Read More.

Dear Studiocode and iCoda Clients,

Beginning December 31st, 2017, development of Studiocode and iCoda will stop and new licenses will not be available for purchase. Clients with active subscription Studiocode and iCoda licenses will be able to renew them through January 1st, 2019 for a final expiration date of December 31st, 2019. Phone and email support, as well as minor bug updates, will be available to all subscription license owners until those licenses expire.

Studiocode clients with subscription licenses will also receive the free upgrade to Studiocode v11 when it becomes available.

Before December 31st, 2017 you can renew by contacting our sales team.

After December 31st, 2017 you can renew your active Studiocode and iCoda licenses with Hudl.


Why are Studiocode and iCoda being removed from Vosaic?

Our goal is to provide and support our clients with the best, most relevant video analysis products. The data collected over a number of years, combined with industry trends, led us to conclude that the future of video analysis for performance discovery and improvement is in our cloud based product, Vosaic.

Can I get new Studiocode and iCoda licenses from anywhere else?

No. Vosaic is the exclusive seller of new Studiocode and iCoda licenses.

Can I renew existing Studiocode and iCoda licenses anywhere else?

Yes. You’ll be able to renew your licenses with Hudl, as long as the expiration dates for each license don’t exceed December 31st, 2019.

Will I continue to get updates and support for Studiocode and iCoda?

Yes. Hudl will provide support and updates to clients until their active subscription licenses expire.

How can I access support for Studiocode and iCoda?

Visit these support pages and/or this page for email and phone numbers.

I have perpetual licenses, will I still get the support?

Yes. Perpetual license owners will have access to support until June 30th, 2018. To continue receiving support past June 30th, 2018, perpetual license owners will need to convert all Studiocode licenses to subscription model. Perpetual license owners can also convert Studiocode licenses to Vosaic licenses at a discount. Please contact us for details about this offer.

I have perpetual licenses, will I still get Studiocode V11?

No. However you can switch to a subscription license at a discount. Please contact us before December 31st, 2017.

My licenses will expire before my project with Studiocode is done. What should I do?

Contact us immediately to renew your licenses before December 31st, 2017, ensuring that you can continue to work on your projects. Depending on the nature of your project, you may also be able to switch to Vosaic and continue your work there. Please contact us to schedule a demo of Vosaic if you’d like to explore this possibility further.

Will I still have access to Vosaic University?

Vosaic University will be shut down on December 31st, 2017.

What is included in Studiocode V11?

  • Support of the latest macOS (High Sierra)
  • Streamlined license management
  • Fast export - 12x quicker
  • Fast import - transcoding on the way in (can set resolution & framerate)
  • Improved stacked playback - includes support for 1080p
  • Additional scripting commands
  • Other bug fixes

The decision to stop renewing and selling Studiocode and iCoda was not made lightly. We know how important those products have been for your work, and understand that this decision may create interruptions in your workflow. We will do our best to provide you with the support you need. As such, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about what this decision means to you.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore Vosaic as a possible replacement for your use of Studiocode and/or iCoda, please schedule a demo to determine if it is a viable solution for your specific needs.

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